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When spreadsheets just don't cut it. Easy to use, quick to learn.
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Gantt Scheduler is a gantt-based scheduling tool built with the primary goals of being fast and easy to use whilst providing all of the functionality required to schedule a mine quickly. Create a reportable, accurate short term mine schedule in a matter of hours!

Suitable for short term scheduling (<4 months), Gantt Scheduler is also designed to be simple and require minimal training.

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Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel

Use dynamic tables to interpret your mine data in a variety of ways without ever having to enter a formula. In just a few clicks you’re able to summarise and analyse your schedule.

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For when you need a little more power

Task dependencies are one of the key features that make Gantt Charts a superior option to regular spreadsheets by representing relationships that are independent of the position on the screen or the start and end dates of the tasks. By controlling dependencies with this simple but powerful tool, your schedules are more precise and generated faster!

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Communicate the plan with confidence

Report by pit, equipment, strip or however you see fit. Gantt Scheduler allows you to control your reports and visualisation by both colour and content.


The innovative Gantt Scheduler licensing system means you only pay for the time you use. Compare some cost saving options below.

Unlimited Use

Lock your costs
  • Unlimited Gantt Scheduler usage
  • Perfect for full time scheduling engineers
  • Short term scheduling solution
  • No additional cost for additional modules. Ever.

Hourly Rates

Pay only for what you use
  • Pay for only the time you use
  • Hours never expire
  • Short term scheduling solution
  • No additional cost for additional modules. Ever.

USB Security Keys

Required for Gantt Scheduler use
  • Purchase additional keys as necessary
  • Hours transferable between keys
  • Scale up and down with ease
  • Multiple users for minimal additional cost
*Minimum purchase of 100 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure? Check some of the most common questions below.

Q. Do I use 3D animations and solids in Gantt Scheduler?

No. Gantt Scheduler is designed to be as simple as possible and to work on computers of any age or power. 3D capabilities are available in Spry if you want to schedule with visuals.

Q. Spry does X, why doesn't Gantt Scheduler?

Gantt Scheduler is designed first and foremost as a short-term scheduling tool to replace spreadsheets that are commonly used in the industry. Every feature that gets added increases the complexity, as well as the training required, so we've intentionally kept it simple!

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