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Spry Mine Scheduling & Haulage

Really fast mine scheduling for the modern mining industry

Raise your expectations.

Spry provides a dig scheduling, dump scheduling and mine haulage software environment that gives complete results in a fraction of the time.

  • Schedules run in seconds
  • Support for all major reserving packages
  • Fast 3D visualisation and animation
  • Suits all mining methods and commodities
  • Extremely competitive & flexible licensing
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Features Overview

Spry does more than you think. Click any feature for more information.


The innovative Spry licensing system means you only pay for the time you use. Compare some cost saving options below.

Unlimited Use

Lock your costs
  • Unlimited Spry usage
  • Perfect for full time scheduling engineers
  • Full scheduling & haulage package
  • No additional cost for additional modules. Ever.

Hourly Rates

Pay only for what you use
  • Pay for only the time you use
  • Hours never expire
  • Full scheduling & haulage package
  • No additional cost for additional modules. Ever.

USB Security Keys

Required for spry use
  • Purchase additional keys as necessary
  • Hours transferable between keys
  • Scale up and down with ease
  • Multiple users for minimal additional cost
*Minimum purchase of 100 hours.

Free Self-Paced Training

Every client with a current License Agreement (including trials!) gets access to Precision Mining X, assessed and comprehensive introductory training based on edX technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure? Check some of the most common questions below.

Q. What design/reserving packages can I use?

Spry has native support for solids from Vulcan, Surpac, Minex and Minescape as well as support for Vulcan and Minex grid types. Even if your reserving package isn't listed here contact us to ask! Often the first step to native support is customer enquiry. We've never met a mine we couldn't schedule.

Q. Spry has got 3 modules (Source, Destination and Haulage) but do I have to pay for/use them all?

Spry comes as a complete package no matter how you pay for it, but you don't have to use all 3. Just want a dump schedule with no haulage? Just bring in your dig schedule and dump reserves. Want to add haulage later? Just switch it on when you're ready.

Q. My mine has X number of records, how many can Spry handle?

Generally the answer will be as many as you need! Many clients have combined multiple pits that were previously separate models into one Spry model. The largest model we've successfully tested had 7 million unique solids but in the real world the largest models we've seen sit over half a million. The real limitation is on the power of the computer involved and not Spry! Check our recommended specifications here.

Q.How quickly can I get a Spry model up and running?

Obviously the complexity of a model plays a big component here, but we'd consider a single day for a realistic, simple model to be the average time required. Tell us what you need and we'll be happy to let you know how long we think it will take!

Q.The prices seem low. Can you really do what you say you do?

One of our favourite questions (yes it does get asked frequently)! The simplest answer is just try it! We believe that you'll be surprised at how far you can stretch your budget with Spry.

Q. I've never heard of Spry. Who uses it?

Spry has only been sold commercially since late 2012 so it's understandable if you haven't heard of us yet! In Australia, Spry is used by consultants big and small (Downer EDI Mining, Thiess, Xenith, Encompass & MineOP) as well as owner/operators (Whitehaven, Peabody and Anglo American) and this list is by no means complete. We're also used in Indonesia through our partner Mitrais and at several satellite sites around the world.

Q. I didn't see a software maintenance charge. Will I get updates? How often?

Absolutely. Software maintenance is included with any active Spry license so if you can use Spry, you have access to the latest version. We update the software nearly every week with not only fixes, but new features as well! Once a feature is tested and ready it becomes available to every single Spry customer. To see the full list of updates click here to visit the support site.

Q. I'm constantly getting new face positions from site. Can I use them to pre-schedule my mine?

Spry includes several tools designed to help you keep your plan up to date with site. Generally using a grid/triangulation with our preschedule calculator gets you about 90% of the way and you can tweak it from there!

Q. What kind of training/documentation is available?

Our support website and forums include dozens of examples and concepts designed for the first time user. Looking to get a faster head start and some specific support? Formal training is available with information and pricing here.

Q. Is Spry an autoscheduler?

Spry out of the box is designed to produce practical, auditable plans so the quick answer is no. However with a combination of dependencies, constraints and (optional) scripting it's definitely possible to achieve something that seems automatic!

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